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4x4 Shower & Toilet Awning Tent

Heading into the wild doesn't mean leaving the comforts of cleanliness and privacy. Rugged 4x4s portable shower and toilet tents are key for any camper. They provide a handy, private spot for personal care, keeping you clean and comfy wherever you pitch your tent. These tents also help protect the environment by managing waste and maintaining natural beauty. Equipped with sturdy zippers and reinforced seams, they ensure a durable and secure space that stands the test of time and use.


The Benefits of Our Camp Showers

The Rugged 4x4 shower tent is a real multi-tasker. Use it as a shower, a changing room, or a private ensuite. Its adjustable roof lets you switch between complete privacy or open views quickly. Set up is a breeze—it's a one-person job, making it perfect for any outdoor trip. The tent's LED light is dimmable, so you can set it just right. Weighing only 9 kg, it's easy to carry and doesn't add much weight to your setup. Plus, the sturdy, non-transparent material stands up to repeat use. The flooring is designed to keep water away, ensuring your space stays dry and comfortable.


Choose Rugged 4x4 for Reliable Outdoor Solutions

Grab a Rugged 4x4 shower and toilet tent for your next outdoor adventure. These tents aren't just convenient; they're also environmentally friendly and help you stay clean on long trips. They're simple to put up and maintain and built to handle outdoor life. They're perfect whether you're camping alone or with friends. With Rugged 4x4, you're all set for a great time outdoors with gear that's built to last. Get ready for your next adventure with peace of mind from top-quality camping solutions. Each product is designed to offer reliability and ease, making your outdoor experiences more enjoyable and stress-free.

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  • Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent

    Rugged 4x4 Car Mounted Shower Tent

    The Rugged 4x4 shower tent is a must have for every camper. This tent can be used as a shower tent, an ensuite or a change room. It comes complete with a roof that is quick to put on or off so that you can have total privacy or enjoy the view while...

    MSRP: $299.00
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