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200W Solar Blanket for Camping

Unlock the potential of solar energy on your camping trips with Rugged 4x4's solar blanket collection. Our range of portable solar solutions, including the efficient 200w solar blanket, is designed to meet the energy needs of campers and adventurers who value sustainability and autonomy. These solar blankets are essential for powering your campsite responsibly, using the sun's power to keep your devices charged without harming the environment. They provide a reliable and eco-friendly energy source, making them perfect for reducing your ecological footprint while enjoying the great outdoors.


Technical Excellence in Every Fold

Our 200w solar blanket harnesses high-efficiency Mono Perc cells to optimise outdoor sun power. It features multiple output options, including DC, USB, and Type-C, and an Anderson plug for diverse connectivity. Lightweight and waterproof, these blankets are perfect for camping, hiking, and off-road adventures. Each blanket folds neatly, making it easy to carry and store, with dimensions and weights that make transport a breeze. Paired with our top-of-the-line MPPT solar regulator, these solar blankets ensure fast and stable charging, maximising every ray of sunshine. The portable design, complete with hook and loop closure, ensures that setting up and packing away is as simple as possible.


Benefits of Solar-Powered Panels for Camping

Choosing a solar blanket for your outdoor adventures means embracing both convenience and environmental stewardship. Solar power reduces reliance on disposable batteries or generators, minimising your carbon footprint while exploring the outdoors. The portability of our 200W solar blankets allows you to enjoy accessible and continuous power, ensuring that your essential gadgets remain operational, even in remote locations. This adds convenience to your trips and safety, as you'll have a dependable power source in emergencies.

Setting up your camping solar blanket is straightforward: position it to capture maximum sunlight and connect it to your devices or battery pack. For optimal performance, clear the surface of the blanket regularly and store it dry to prolong its lifespan. With simple care, your 200W solar panel will continue to provide dependable energy on countless camping adventures. Ensure the blanket is exposed to direct sunlight and avoid placing any objects over it that could cast a shadow and reduce its efficiency.


Sustainable Power Solutions for Every Adventure

Step up your camping game with Rugged 4x4's solar blanket collection. Harness the clean, sustainable power of the sun and ensure your devices stay charged in the most remote locations. Lightweight, portable, and built to last, our solar blankets are ideal for any outdoor adventure. Explore our innovative range now and switch to a more reliable and environmentally friendly power source for all your camping needs. Power your next adventure with Rugged 4x4.

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  • Solar Blanket - 200W Anderson to Battery connector Extension lead MPPT Solar Regulator MPPT Regulator

    Solar Blanket - 200W

    Solar Blanket - 200 W The team at Rugged 4x4 have have developed a 200W solar blanket to help power your campsite. We only offer the best MPPT regualtor/charger to monitor and charge your battery system...

    MSRP: $399.00
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